Sunday, July 15, 2007

But I want to forget!

I bought
The Memory Keeper's Daughter after ten hours in LaGuardia Airport. Ten hours is a really, really long time. I had books of my own but I love buying books and was so massively unhappy with having been in the airport that I broke down and bought this and rhw horrible The Emporer's Children,
just because they were the only trade paperbacks on the newsstand.

This morning my mother asked me before I got on my return flight what the book was about. "Well," I said. "This doctor has to deliver his wife's twins because it's snowing...and they didn't know it was going to be twins, and the second one has Down syndrome so the doctor tells the nurse to take her to an institution but the nurse runs away and raises the baby as her own."

"Are you making this up?"


Nope, I'm not. And I proceeded to discuss the merits of reading bad books, saying that it's good to keep up with popular culture and that I could learn how to captivate a large audience if this woman managed to snare me with her completely ridiculous premise. Lo, that did not happen. I gave up after this line that read something like "The universe was shimmering and dense all around her." Goodbye. Kim Edwards knows a lot of adverbs and adjectives, and that's all well and good. But Mom's right once again. Here's the rub: when fiction sounds too much like you're making it up, it isn't even good enough not to be true.

I hope the flight attendant I gave this to enjoys it. She seemed quite shocked by the gesture. 

Note: I thought a shot from the Lifetime movie based on the book would do the story better justice than the translucent, levitating child's nightgown from the book cover.


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