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Oh, “Our Boys” The Pure Essence of Wartime Consequences


Our Boys, set in 1984, concerns five young soldiers, where veterans of the troubles are among them in Northern Ireland and the Hyde Park bombing. The piece is set in 1984 in Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital’s quiet ward where the five soldiers are recovering from injuries which range from Northern Ireland bullet in the head […]

How Often People Visit the Theatre in the UK?


According to new research published by VisitBritain, almost twice as many people in the UK visit the theatre every year in London who watch Premier League football. Theatre attendances in London are higher as compared to those of the whole of the Premier League put together, with teenagers stating that they are more likely to […]

A Rising in the Sun – Lorraine Hansberry


In the past at around the 1950s, racism between the white Americans and African-American was the norm in United States of America. The segregation that was enforced by some individuals in the authority was legal during the pro, and it spread in almost all the states from the northern to southern parts. Chicago being the […]

Literature Analysis: Kindred Novel


Octavia Estelle Butler is a renowned science fiction writer whose acumen and professional life has set her aside and apart from the rest of the pack. She was an African-American who grew up during the difficult times of slavery and experienced the hardships that the generation of her parents experienced. Intuitively, she found it fit […]

Beowulf Epic Poem


Prewriting: Beowulf was an ideal hero. He was a good follower and the strongest of the greats in the world of his times. Beowulf is a real hero characterized by his bravery, strength, honor and unselfishness to place others before him. I would consider the American soldiers as playing the role of a Beowulf in […]

The Political Background of the Play “Our Boys”


Based on Jonathan’s own army experience, Our Boys is both explosively funny and honest. The play takes place in a four beds bay in the Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital in Woolwich. It is the spring of 1984; this is almost 2 years following the start of the Falklands war, a time when the British troops […]