Errors You Should Avoid When Writing a Book Essay

A book essay gives an analytical view of a book. Just like any other essay, a book essay should be written carefully and with much meticulousness. Mistakes range from simple ones such as grammatical to structural errors. The following are some errors you should avoid when writing an essay on a book. 

  1. Wrong formatting

An essay is more than just the contents; the format also matters. Stick to the right format for the book essay to make the essay relevant. Negligence of the format renders the essay null and void.

  1. Weak introduction

Weak introductions automatically put off a reader. A poor introduction significantly reduces interest in your essay. Use a substantial introduction that encapsulates the contents of the whole essay in a few sentences. It should be concise and contain the gist of what is to be discussed in the essay. A good introduction arrests the reader, ensuring they read the whole essay.

  1. Weak thesis statement

Thesis statements are the basis on which you write an essay on a book. It is, therefore, imperative that the thesis statement is a strong one. Try to be as concise as possible, and your opinion as clear. Use the theme of the book or the main point to create a strong thesis statement that the whole essay will hang on. Never use a thesis statement without sufficient points to support it. If you are not sure of a thesis statement, it is better to avoid using one instead of a weak one.

  1. Overuse of quotes

Use quotes as sparingly as possible as the essay should reflect your understanding of the book. Only use them if they are essential to strengthen your idea or if they have a direct link to your main idea in the essay. Only use quotes if there isn’t a better way to put down the point you are driving.

  1. Giving too much information and repetition

A book essay should be analytical instead of the whole plot of the book. You should do your best to outline only vital points of the book instead of the synopsis of a book, including spoilers. Too much information reduces the enjoyability of an essay. One also tends to veer off topic when giving redundant information. Being precise and exact requires just a bit of information with the right analytical view to make the piece as captivating as possible. Repetition makes your essay cumbersome and hard to read. Redundancy in essays makes them annoying to the reader. You should, therefore, be brief.

  1. Grammatical errors

Try to watch out for spelling mistakes when using homonyms such as “write” and “rite”; which are quite common when writing an essay. Wordiness makes sentences hard to read. Try to use a single word or two to summarize long phrases which make sentences bulky. Poor punctuation should also be avoided as it reduces the understandability of your essay. Learn to use commas and semicolons as well as full stops.

Do your best to avoid these errors and come up with an amazing essay on any book. Remember, use your understanding of the book instead of the book contents. Don’t simply rewrite the text, understand it! Book essays aid in improving your analytical skills. Are you ready to write your book essay if you still have doubts about it you can read this ‘how to talk about a book in an essay‘?