Five Techniques to Write a Book Critique

Critiquing a book is easy until one is asked to write an essay on that. Writing a good book critique essay is a demanding task which requires a great deal of effort. However, that does not mean that it is impossible to write a perfect essay. One can learn on the techniques needed to write a good critique essay of a book. That said, it is crucial to understand that a critique is not a book report, and it requires a critical analyzing and evaluation of the book.

Read the book first

At first, one should read the novel and take note of the significant points of importance.  A summary should be made at the end of each chapter. Determine the most important statement of the author. This might be a statement that inspired the book’s title or even be the book title’s exact name! This enables one to have a hint on the author’s message. Read some reviews of the book and see some book critique example essay to get its idea better. Make notes from the reviews and formulate your thesis before starting the essay.

Know the format

The format of a book critique essay consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction usually states the title of the book, the year of its publication, the author’s name and the thesis of the author (the main point that the author is trying to prove). One is allowed to mention their overall impression of the book at this point.

Summarize the text

After that, one is required to give a well-summarized body of the whole text. Someone unfamiliar with the original work may read a book critique essay example.  Therefore, the body should provide information on the novel, ranging from the themes to a clear discussion of how the text has been organized — state what you think of the characters and their behaviours. How the characters influence each other according to you should also be indicated. Is the plot logical or not?

Indicate whether the language used by the author fits or could be omitted without ruining the impression of the readers. Discuss whether the author was able to fully and clearly express their main idea or is it a hard nut to crack. Is there any valuable lesson that the book passes to the readers? It might be that the book has rich historical data which enlightens the readers’   knowledge about a particular ethnicity.

A touch on the unique way of writing used by the author is valuable, not forgetting to express whether you feel you are familiar with the characters or they are original ideas.

Have your stand

Looking at a book critique example, it requires one to express their personal opinion. Different people may have different views on the same book. Therefore, giving your stand on whether you enjoyed reading the book or found it flat is mandatory. Give your reasons and state some examples to prove your point based on the book critique example.

Discussion and reading the critique

In the last paragraph, one is required to say whether the novel is worth reading and even compare it with other novels ranging in the same field. Express whether you agree with the author and if you would recommend this novel to other readers.

To conclude, if writing a critique still seems complicated, one can try sharing a read with a friend and afterwards discuss it. This will seem much easier to write after a discussion. And better still, the more, the merrier!