Five Tips on How to Write a Book Report Essay

Most people prefer to read a book and leave it at that. It may shock you that even the avid readers who claim to have enjoyed a particular book face challenges when they are asked to write a book report essay. What if you are asked to write to get fifty free books yet to don’t know how to start a book report essay? Would you let that chance go by the winds?

Here are some of the tips that could be useful when writing an essay.

Read the book first!

For one to write a comprehensive book report essay, they should have taken enough time to read the book and understand it keenly. In many cases, the summaries of books provided online are not so accurate. Some of them lack essential information expressed in the book. Take notes as you read the book; a highlighter, pencils, pens and sticky notes may come handy in this point. Pay extra attention to things that you may need to use as proof in your essay, such as themes. The outline cannot include everything expressed in the book but should have the most critical ideas clearly stated.

Have an Outline

First of all, draft a rough outline of the book. This outline should include the title of the book, the name of the author and the main idea(s) expressed in the book. The number of pages, data on publication and genre of the paper should also be included. How to start a book report essay should take a short period as it entails a brief descriptive summary of the book. The first paragraph of the article should, therefore, be quick, catchy and straightforward, stating the name of the book and the name of the author. The last line of the introduction should be sentenced summary of the entire book.

The setting of the story

The setting is a crucial aspect when writing. A book report essay example that has no background is not so good to follow. The setting of a book sets a stage for everything happening in the book. The language used should be persuasive, and details should be clearly stated. Description of the location should be clear.

Major significant events occurring in the book and the effects they have on the characters have to be mentioned. This part of the report has to be aligned with a comprehensive outline of the book. The characters in the text should be mentioned, beginning with the main ones, describing who they are and their importance. The patterns followed by fictional characters should be identified to figure out the lesson the author is trying to pass across. In nonfictional works, what the author is trying to prove or suggest are crucial.

The tone and style of writing

Any book report essay example that I have come across pays closer attention to the choice of words and try finding out if the author favors some ideas and arguments over others as it helps in identifying the tone. Identify whether the book has been formally or informally written.

Conclude like a pro!

When concluding, the last paragraph should have everything stitched up together. The summary of the whole book should be expressed in simple sentences. This is where a quick recap is made, and therefore, no new ideas should be introduced at this point.  You can hint your idea on whether you think others should read the book and after that give your reasons. Use of proper grammar and correct spelling can be attained by reviewing the essay or asking a friend to check it before submitting. To sum it up, one requires critical analysis skills to come up with a comprehensive piece.