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...still seeking out links...check back soon for more!  And I'm always happy to hear about great and free journalism and short fiction on the Web, so please leave a comment if you know of some!   

Favorite journalism sources from around the Web
  • Texas Monthly on crime - I've read 2 anthologies put together by this magazine, and TM's journalists frequently appear in Best American Crime Writing each year.  (See my bite-sized true crime entry.)  
  • gladwell dot com New Yorker archive - Articles and reviews by Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers

      Single articles
      The New York Times Magazine

      • "Check Cashers, Redeemed" by Douglas McGray - A profile of a bigwig in the payday lending business, a subject of considerable controversy during recent financial turmoil 
      • "The Jihadist Next Door" by Andrea Elliott - How a boy grew up in a moderate Muslim family, in a small Alabama town, and became a radical Islamist during adolescence 

      The New Yorker
      • "Trial by Fire" by David Grann - A case in which Texas very likely executed an innocent man on the basis of flawed forensic evidence 
      • "Red Sex, Blue Sex" by Margaret Talbot - An investigation into why many evangelical Christian teenagers become pregnant at an early age
      • "Hellhole" by Atul Guwande - Is a common practice in US prisons, solitary confinement, a form of torture? 
      • "The Cost Conundrum" by Atul Guwande - Comparing the Texas town with the highest healthcare costs in America with lower cost, and no less effective, models like the Mayo Clinic.  A nuts-and-bolts, apolitical look at a troubling aspect of the healthcare debate
      • ">Does Football Have a Future?" by Ben McGrath - A look at recent injuries, deaths, and the NFL's response to a New York Times reporter's series on player's health troubles 
      • "The Apostate: Paul Haggis and the Church of Scientology" by Lawrence Wright.  The Oscar winner defects from a religion with big name members in Hollywood

      Vanity Fair
      • "The Man in the Rockefeller Suit" by Mark Seal - The full and fascinating story of "Clark Rockefeller," who kidnapped his daughter in 2008, spawned a huge national story and uncovered his own elaborate, longstanding - and deadly - fraud
      • "The Golden Suicides" by Nancy Jo Sales - Haunting 2008 story about a prominent art-scene couple's intense, strange and doomed love affair 

          • "Agatha Christie and Nuns Tell a Tale of Alzheimer's" by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich - Article and companion Morning Edition piece about how analyses of Agatha Christie's novels and the journals of nuns kept over decades can reveal signs of language loss and dementia

            Favorite short story sources on the Web 
            • The New Yorker's fiction and poetry page (the blue lock icons are disheartening, but I've found a few freebies for you below!)

              Single stories
              • "Christmas is a Sad Season for the Poor" by John Cheever (The New Yorker
              • "Puppy" by Richard Ford (The New Yorker
              • "Reunion" by Richard Ford (The New Yorker)
              • "Shauntrelle" by Antonya Nelson (The New Yorker)
              • "The Conversion of the Jews" by Philip Roth (Paris Review)
              • "Am Strande von Tanger" by James Salter (Paris Review)  

              Great author sites and archives
              • The Official Website of Author Pete Earley - info about journalist Earley's books, plus a blog where he interacts with readers. 

              Great sites (and real-life big city bookstores!) for new, used, and remainder books (outside of the Amazon)

              Powell's Books, Portland, Oregon
              The Strand, New York City